Founder of Courtin Investment, Christophe Courtin is a French entrepreneur and business angel

Christophe COURTIN founded several companies including the one that made him known : Groupe Santiane, a leading health insurance broker and winner of the 2012 "Entrepreneur of the Year Award" in the Innovation category.

Christophe Courtin holds a Master's degree in IT Management and Project Management, and began his entrepreneurial journey early.

In 1999, as a 20 year old student, Christophe started his first venture : an e-learning company targeting college students.

In 2001, Christophe founded Best-Price, which he sold successfully in 2002.

In 2006, as he was working in the Insurance industry and knew the disruptive potential of the Internet, Christophe founded, an innovative health insurance aggregator and wholesaler that became in a matter of five years the #1 distributor of health insurance online. The Santiane Group was sold to BlackFin Capital Partners in 2015. Christophe Courtin retains a minority stake and is, to this day, a member of the board. As of September 2015, the Santiane Group had 250 employees based on 3 locations (Paris, Nice, Casablanca) and posted a €42m annual revenue for 2015.

To support his ambitions on his entrepreneurial journey, Christopher has found support from investors such as:

  • BNP Paribas Private Equity in 2011 - € 5 million series A
  • Sagard in 2013 - € 40m series B
  • BlackFin Capital Partners in 2015 for the sale of Christophe's remaining shares in Santiane.

With his experience of "serial entrepreneur" and good understanding of the Capital Development industry, Christophe started the Courtin Investment fund in October 2015. The fund offers consulting and financing opportunities to ambitious entrepreneurs in order to help them achieve success.

Since 2017, Christophe is a Jury Member of the Paris Dauphine Incubator and has become a shareholder of Side Capital. In February 2018, Christophe definitively leaves the Capital of the Santiane Group (he still kept 20% since 2015) and strengthens his namesake investment fund with which he has made since fifty investments in the start-up, which positioned as one of the leading business angels in Europe.